NF-21 SAT/ACT Intensive Course 3/13/21 – 5/6/21


NF-21 SAT/ACT Intensive Course 3/13/21 – 5/6/21 2/21/20 – 3/14/21 (5 – 7:30 pm)

Our NF-21 Intensive course is scheduled for 3/13/21 – 5/6/21 (5 – 7:30 pm).

  • Unique Concept-Based Curriculum: Our concept-based approach builds true mastery from the ground up leaving no topic on the SAT & ACT exam untouched in our quest for the highest score possible.An Industry Leading 50 Hours of Live Instruction: Each powerful hour is designed to help our students gain deep insight into test-taking, overcoming anxiety, adept problem-solving, and logical thinking.

    Tailored Curriculum: Our programs are grounded in open-plan designs. We give our expert instructors the freedom to tailor our extensive core curricula to adapt to all our students needs.

  • Conducted entirely online: To minimize travel time and maximize learning. Read our response to COVID-19.

  • Supplementary materials will be provided by your instructor in an engaging, live, online format via Zoom – link will be sent an hour before each session.