XC-22 SAT/ACT Express Course 12/19/21 – 1/16/22


XC-22 SAT/ACT Express Course 12/19/21 – 1/16/21 (3 – 5:30 pm)

Our XC-22 Express course is scheduled for 12/19/21 – 1/16/22 (3 – 5:30 pm).

  • Problem Based Curriculum: Designed to quickly build competency in the most efficient and affordable SAT + ACT review program in the country.
  • Weekend Sessions: Express Sessions are held on Saturdays and Sundays to accommodate students with busy schedules.

  • Unlimited practice exams and live online exam review sessions.

  • Conducted entirely online: To minimize travel time and maximize learning. Read our response to COVID-19.

  • Supplementary materials will be provided by your instructor in an engaging, live, online format via Zoom – link will be sent an hour before each session.

  • Taught by the same expert instructors from our 50 hour course, in an express format.

Click here for the XC-22 Course Schedule