The Summer of Prep: 2020 Edition

Learn Something This Summer!

This summer, work on your scores, not just your tan!

Every Summer, Pittsburgh Prep offers innovative and effective options for our students.

This year, we are proud to offer two powerful options. 


Begin your school year with your best SAT/ACT scores.

Our innovative and intensive 50-Hour Summer SAT + ACT Prep Course is our flagship class, designed to develop the following skillsets in our students:

  • Shed bad habits in Reading Comprehension, and build powerful new ones for higher scores
  • Understand the fundamentals and apply advanced constructions in Grammar and Logic in English composition
  • Gain mastery in Mathematical concepts from Arithmetic to Algebra, and Geometry to Trig
  • Improve study habits and avoid the dreaded Summer Melt
  • Build skills necessary to succeed in college and career long after our classes are over
  • Learn from the experts in testing – no group of instructors in Pittsburgh are more qualified, experienced, or entertaining than our staff
  • Make deep, long-lasting friendships with like-minded, hihghly motivated peers in our classes!

Since 2005, we’ve helped thousands of students around the world build the powerful skills, content knowledge, and analytical reasoning needed to break through to their goal scores and beyond.  Each of our North Hills and Shadyside courses are led by a team of seasoned full-time instructors with 99th percentile scores in every exam they teach.

Find out why our graduates visit us every year with stories of their successes in college and grad school, year after year. Enroll in our summer prep classes by following the links below:

50-Hour Prep Shadyside Summer Courses

50-Hour Prep North Hills Summer Courses

Academic Enrichment

Be at the top of your class.

Our newest offering, Academic Summer Enrichment classes are taught by top AP high school teachers in Pittsburgh to bring you customized sessions, designed to get you ahead (or caught up due to COVID-19 this past school year!) in key subject areas of AP Chemistry, AP Physics and AP AB Calculus.

  • Build strong foundations in STEM courses to help you gain a distinct advantage in your school year next Fall.
  • All classes are 8 weeks long, to begin the week of June 22, 2020 and end the week of August 14, 2020.
  • AP Chemistry: Meets every Tuesday/Thursday 4pm-530pm (Click Here to Read the Course Outline/Roadmap)
  • AP Physics: Meets every Tuesday/Thursday 530pm-7pm (Click Here to Read the Course Outline/Roadmap)
  • AP AB Calculus: Meets every Monday/Wednesday 4-530pm (Click Here to Read the Course Outline/Roadmap)
  • All materials will be provided by your instructor in an engaging, live, online format via Zoom – link will be sent an hour before each session
  • Register for one, two or all three classes to make the most of your summer!
  • Discounts for multiple registrations.
  • Please email us with questions and to obtain a copy of the syllabus for the enrichment classes at

Course Options

Let’s make this your absolute best Summer of Prep @ Pittsburgh Prep!

Pittsburgh Prep will never turn a student away due to finances. We are proud to offer scholarships and payment plans to families facing economic hardship. Please inquire for more information.

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