1. Prep Early, Apply Early

Specifically designed for students in grades 9-11, Pittsburgh Prep’s powerful Trailblazers program helps students find their authentic voice, clear direction in major or career, strengthen their resume and transcript, and ultimately prepare students for college applications.

2. Save Time, Save Stress, Save Money

  • Save time by completing all aspects of college readiness way earlier than other students.
  • Save stress with the comfort of a supportive team behind every action and decision.
  • And save money taking advantage of many benefits including a discount in our senior College Admissions advisory program and cutting down college application time by  an average of 2-3 months. 

3. Teamwork makes the Dreamwork

Our expert admissions team meets with your student monthly to analyze progress, reassess goals, conduct highly-customized research behind the scenes, and advise on academic tutoring & test prep to gear up for your child’s entry into their dream college.

Begin your college admissions journey today!

Take advantage of countless benefits listed below, including free test prep, guaranteed space in our senior college admissions advisory program, and access to our powerful college application software from day one. 

Our Program

Why Pittsburgh Prep?

Grades 9, 10, and 11

  • MONTHLY meetings with our expert college admissions consultants

  • Deep, meaningful reflective practice throughout the academic year

  • Course selection advising

  • Extracurricular activities and summer internship guidance

  • Free enrollment into our popular Express SAT ACT Test Prep Course

  • Recommendation letter planning

  • Deep-dive college major and career pursuit exploration

  • Financial planning, as needed (referral to a certified Financial planner)

  • Significant research into early stage college selection strategy, including pre-health or pre-professional advising

  • Guaranteed spot and a 10% discount in Launchpad program as an enrollee in senior year