Our Program

  • The Trailblazer Program is a powerful and comprehensive program offered to students grades 9-11 to prepare them for the college admissions process, as well as college itself. 
  • We believe that when it comes to college admissions, there is no one-size-fits-all. By cultivating a meaningful relationship with each student, we deliver a highly-customized plan for each individual student to find, prepare for, and match their best-fit colleges.

We provide:

  • Monthly meetings with a college readiness advisor.
  • Extensively tailored research and guidance from the Team regarding college, supplemental programming, academic needs, standardized testing, extracurriculars, and more.
  • A customized, multi-year program for your family to follow as the academic years progress.
  • Academic advising and support.
  • Career pathway research and exploration.
  • College list development and application planning .
  • Guaranteed spot in Pittsburgh Prep’s full service College Admissions Advising program as a rising senior.
  • Unlimited test prep enrollment into our Express Courses + exams and exam review sessions led by our expert instructors.
  • Art portfolio consultation, as needed.

Grades 9-10

Early high school is a great time to begin thinking about your child’s college path. They’re beginning to figure out what they’re passionate about and the kind of life they want to pursue. Our goal is for them to begin thinking about those things, while still having time to enjoy their high school years! So rather than loading up on a ton of nonessential commitments, hoping to pad a resume down the line, let’s get intentional early.

This includes:

  • Exploring interests and potential career paths
  • Club, activity, and extracurricular selection
  • Academic advising and support
  • Assessing high school academic and extracurricular offerings to identify gaps/supplemental needs
  • School relationships guidance (counselors, teachers, possible mentors, etc.)
  • Preparing for leadership roles
  • Summer programs and internship planning and application
  • Test prep recommendations and support
  • Tracking activities and accomplishments 
  • Multi-year planning
  • Initial college exploration 
  • College tour list and preparation
  • Planning local and national college tours and more

Grade 11

Now that they have had time to focus on learning, develop their interests, build relationships, and pursue opportunities, Junior Year is the time to put it all together and begin to create an application plan.

In addition to the above programming, this includes:

    • College list development
    • Activities list and resume building
    • Rec letter planning
    • Beginning the personal and supplemental essays, if appropriate 
    • College application process planning and more

Why Pittsburgh Prep?

  • We are committed to a highly-individualized and customized plan for each student. To do this, we have intentionally capped this program to accept a small number of students each year so that our team can focus on the students we serve
  • Behind each college Trailblazer advisor is a team of essay specialists, test prep experts, academic tutors, and college admissions counselors to support your child’s journey. As each member of our team flex their individual strengths, this collaborative approach ensures the best outcome for your child. 
  • In house, we possess academic tutoring, test prep, life coaching, executive functioning, mindset and study skills, and art portfolio advising to supplement many of the student’s needs.
  • Your family will have access to our growing list of resources and programmatic research, including college lists, gap year programs, scholarships, summer opportunities, and specialized programs lists.