Pittsburgh Prep Mastery Guides

SAT/ACT Reading and Writing Mastery

The single most powerful study guide on the planet. Created by expert instructors at Pittsburgh Prep, the SAT/ACT Reading and Writing Mastery study guide contains every single passage type, covering every single topic, so that there won’t be any surprises on test day.

SAT/ACT Math Mastery

Geared towards students looking to attain their highest score possible, Pittsburgh Prep’s SAT/ACT Math Mastery study guide reviews every concept in depth, from the basics to the most difficult, with over 1000 practice problems that simulate the actual test. Explanations are clear, designed to help students build powerful strategy for the test.

Vocabulary Mastery

Is reading not your thing? Do you hate writing? Pittsburgh Prep’s Vocabulary Mastery guide is designed to quickly ramp up your reading and writing composition to collegiate levels by covering over 350 high-value vocabulary words in 20 easy-to-follow and entertaining lessons. Each chapter ends with a quiz to help reinforce your newfound vocabulary skillset.