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Cognitive Learning Assessment
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Our cognitive learning assessment uses objective measurable data to pinpoint how students learn best and provides strategies that are personalized to students’ learning strengths and unique learning styles. It is a 1-hour online, self-administered assessment developed by neuroscientists at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine.

Unlike most standardized tests which measure what a student does or does not know, this test measures a student’s individual cognitive skills. By understanding strengths and needs in cognitive skills, we can help every student learn more effectively. Cognitive skills explain how students understand, remember, organize, and process information. 

The assessment measures the cognitive skills most closely correlated to success in academics and on standardized tests:

  1. Reasoning: Abstract, Verbal, Spatial
  2. Executive Functions: Attention, Working Memory, Flexible Thinking
  3. Memory: Verbal, Visual
  4. Speed: Processing, Visual Motor

The results of the assessment provide clear insight into how a student learns most efficiently and what supports they need to succeed. This assessment is beneficial in the following situations:

  • When a student is beginning a tutoring program so that the tutor has immediate and powerful knowledge about the student in designing a learning program. 
  • Your student would like to know more about their cognitive skills and learning style and be provided with powerful strategies that use their strengths and bolster their weaknesses.
  • As a parent, you would like more insight into your child’s cognitive strengths and learning style so that you can support them to reach their academic goals.
  • You think that your student could benefit from more support in school or on standardized tests, and you would like a quick and easy screening assessment to see if comprehensive neurocognitive testing might be indicated.


  • Step 1: Sign up for one of the options below. You'll receive an invite to take the online test via email within 24 hours.

  • Step 2: Take the test in a quiet room, WITHOUT interruption, for one hour. The invite link will be good for 30 days.

  • Step 3: Within 72 hours, receive the comprehensive, customized learning plan by email.

  • Step 4: Implement changes or meet with our expert Academic Advisor to discuss how to optimize your child's learning with deep insights into their unique learning style and needs.

Cognitive Learning Assessment
(No Review)

$119 entails online test + comprehensive report 

Cognitive Learning Assessment Plus Review

$279 entails online test + comprehensive report + dedicated 1-on-1 meeting with Pittsburgh Prep’s Academic Advisor.