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All our decisions at Pittsburgh Prep are focused on the following areas:
  • Build expert content knowledge in core subject areas of Math, Reading, English and Sciences

  • Think critically to make powerful deductions and inferences from given information and complex data

  • Overcome testing anxiety through stronger mindset and overall academic confidence


01. Unconventional Approach

The conventional approach by conventional high school systems and the official testing companies such as the College Board and the ACT is to simply provide practice problems and some attempt at explanation. The official study guides published by the College Board and the ACT, though useful, are hardly adequate for any serious student looking to improve their scores.

Our approach, therefore, is unconventional. Pittsburgh Prep’s core belief is to teach mastery of content (not recite corporate lesson plans), to produce powerful critical reasoning, build competitive test scores, and encourage lifelong learning. We never “teach to the test,” and never engage in shortcuts in lieu of concrete skill sets that provide solid grounding for our students to succeed on all standardized exams.

02. Tailored Curriculum

There are three ways we tailor our curriculum for all of our students:

  • Our entire program is based on an open-plan design, where our adept instructors are encouraged to plan, innovate and implement from our core curriculum. This means that our instructors are able to move laterally to best fit student needs in both large group classrooms and 1-on-1 tutoring sessions.

  • Developed in-house by our expert instructors, Pittsburgh Prep's core curriculum utilizes a powerful set of analytics to identify and resolve weaknesses in testing. From our diagnostics to our practice exams, every piece of data that we obtain results in strong adaptive changes that benefit our students.

  • We also are able to help students with special needs, having built a strong network of testing psychologists since 2006. Much more than obtaining extra time, we are then able to help our students take the exam strategically and confidently, to reach their highest potential.

03. Data-Driven Impact

There are two basic but important measurable items in education: Formative Assessment and Cumulative Assessment. We do both.

Formative assessment is a measure that provides specific guidance to our instructors to adapt and adjust their teachings so that their students will perform better in the very next session. We do this through our specific internally developed in-class constructive quizzes, end-of-class peer assessments, and via weekly staff meetings where master instructors lead and recommend changes to be made immediately. Having already graduated over 1,000 students from our program, we feel that we have demonstrated our impact in guiding students to their highest potential.

Cumulative assessment is a measure that shows the overall progress of the student. These are the previously administered, actual full-length practice exams our students take on a weekly basis. Our goal here is two-fold:

  1. To create a history of success so our students can confidently take the actual test.
  2. And to identify any ongoing issues in our skill set, so that our instructors can help our students break through these problem areas.

Lastly, as a results-based organization, we also boast a strong consistent average increase of 170 points for our students across the board. With over 2000 student graduates from every Pittsburgh county to countries as far away as Australia since our inception in 2006, we are confident in our abilities to guide our students to their highest potential.

04. Passion for Teaching

Simply stated, we love what we do. We’re a small company of dedicated teachers, utilizing research-based pedagogical methods, and we plan to remain this way, without compromise.

Our passion for teaching goes far beyond our curriculum. We take into account student context – sports, extra-curriculars, family obligations, jobs – all factors that can be stressful hindrances to student study. We meet with the parents prior to the start of every individualized program, and create a “goldilocks” scenario of preparation and access.

For group classes, our maximum teacher-to-student ratio is 12:1 during the summer, and 8:1 during the academic year. We maintain smaller classes to better conduct individual assessments throughout our sessions.

We maintain constant contact with our students and parents, communicating progress and challenges in a clear manner, focusing on resolution and score improvement. Teaching students to better comprehend normative exams such as the SAT and ACT, translates into better focus, deeper understanding of the nature of these tests and higher outcomes.

Finally, our instructors engage in professional development throughout the academic year, working both in research and classroom settings, from curriculum development to daily mindfulness. 

05. Experience and Credentials

All of our instructors possess the following:
  • A 99th percentile score in their areas of expertise

  • Individually, over 5 years (5,000 hours) of actual Classroom and tutoring experience

  • A Masters or PhD graduate degree in education

  • A proven track record of guiding students to their highest potential

06. Local Connection

Pittsburgh Prep is a locally focused small business, not another chain in a franchise. Our instructors and staff live in Pittsburgh, work in Pittsburgh, and maintain strong ties with the community and its schools.

We are the first independent test prep organization in the city of Pittsburgh and have become stronger and better every year.

We maintain and build strong relationships with local non-profits and community organizations, including the Pittsburgh Public Schools, Big Brothers Big Sisters Pittsburgh ChapterBloomfield-Garfield Corporation.

To date, we have provided over $150,000 in scholarship in the form of tuition assistance to students and families in need. We never turn down students based solely on finances.


Sunghoon Kim

College Admissions Consultant
Senior Instructor

Hoon, Pittsburgh Prep’s founder, has been teaching since 1997. Having transferred from NYC, Hoon wanted to provide a highly effective place of learning for students of all backgrounds in our fair city of Pittsburgh. He has devoted himself and Pittsburgh Prep to instilling within every student powerful lifelong learning skills applicable to college-ready success and beyond.

In the past, Hoon worked as an options trader on Wall Street, a volunteer with UNICEF and AmeriCorps, a restauranteur, and an edu-preneur. Throughout his life, however, reform-minded education has been his passion. Armed with a B.A. from NYU and an Ed.M. from Harvard Graduate School of Education, Hoon co-teaches in just about every class, and oversees the entire operation at Pittsburgh Prep with a singular focus – to develop superior instruction, continually improve the staff’s core knowledge base, and improve outcomes for all students at Pittsburgh Prep.

In his free time, Hoon can be seen raising his two children, enjoying sushi, being choked out in Brazilian Jujitsu, listening to podcasts, and devoting his time to Pittsburgh Prep’s partnerships with local community organizations. Most recently in 2019 amidst the pandemic, Hoon received his certificate in Independent College Admissions Counseling from University of California Riverside. Hoon is an associate member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association and a member of the National Association for College Admission Counseling as well as the Pennsylvania chapter in PACAC.

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Joshua Goreczny

Senior Instructor

Josh has dedicated his career and life to helping people improve themselves through education. Growing up in the rural town of Oil City in northwestern Pennsylvania, he appreciated the power of education as a transformative force from kindergarten on.  Josh double-majored at the University of Pittsburgh in Psychology and History, and fell in love with the local food and music scenes. Josh went on to earn a Master’s Degree from Pitt’s School of Education while teaching in the North Hills.

His ten-year teaching career has spanned work with students in public and private high schools, colleges, home tutoring, and at-risk interventions; Josh now fills his commitment to education as a full-time private tutor and instructor at Pittsburgh Prep.  Josh prides himself on his deep, caring manner of teaching, and students appreciate the level of enthusiasm and empathy he exhibits on a daily basis in and out of the classroom. Josh’s SAT classes and private tutoring students average 150-200 point increases on a regular basis, reflecting the overall average improvements at Pittsburgh Prep.

In his free time, Josh enjoys staying in shape with strength training and long-distance running, #nerdingout with technology, (attempting) home repair, and spending time with his wife and adopted pets, Chewbacca and Gordon.

Valeria Antúnez​

Operations Manager

Val serves as Pittsburgh Prep’s Center Administrator, and keeps our team on track as we pursue our mission and help our students reach their highest potential. Hailing from Puerto Rico, Val has come to love the Steel City, even if the skies are grayer here.

Before joining Pittsburgh Prep in mid-2018, Val cut her teeth working for her family’s business and studying art & design. She has been an integral part of our team and loves the opportunity to interact with the students and parents that make Pittsburgh Prep great.

When not in the office, Val is an avid climber, animal-lover, painter, and designer. We’re lucky to have a Renaissance Woman like Val to keep us on track.

Kelly VandenBosche

Director of Academics
Senior Instructor

Kelly is a passionate STEM educator with over a decade of experience teaching at the high school and college level. With her extensive technical engineering background and her formal education in teaching, learning and curriculum, Kelly is dedicated to making science and math accessible to her students. In addition to STEM content, Kelly is an expert in learning, and has helped countless students develop study skills and reduce testing anxiety. 

Kelly has a B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from Drexel University and a PhD in Materials Engineering from KU Leuven in Belgium’s (one of the top Materials Science universities in Europe).  As an Engineer, Kelly developed two patented materials: a high-temperature polymer for aerospace and an anisotropic foam for bicycle helmets to better protect against rotational head injuries.

Though she loved engineering, it was always the excitement of learning that interested Kelly the most, so she formalized this passion with an MS in Education with a concentration in Teaching, Learning and Curriculum at Drexel University.  She taught college-level engineering courses and physics and chemistry at several high schools in Europe before returning to the US to be a physics and research science teacher at Shady Side Academy. She now enjoys working with students 1-on-1 at Pittsburgh Prep and she oversees the development and operations of our strong academic tutoring program. 

When Kelly isn’t teaching, she enjoys painting, reading, running, home DIY, and playing with her dog, Bobbie. Kelly is a dual citizen of both the US (where she was born) and Belgium (where she has spent a large part of her adult life). She speaks fluent Dutch.

Nathaniel Hull

Nathaniel grew up in Pittsburgh, attending Winchester Thurston School from Kindergarten all the way through 12th grade. He recently graduated from Princeton, having majored in History with a focus on Native American studies. Before joining Pittsburgh Prep, Nathaniel worked as a Grant Consultant, helping small businesses get access to funding as part of the American Rescue Plan. In the past, he served as a teaching assistant for the Leap@CMU Summer program, teaching high school students advanced computer science skills. He has done exceedingly well on both the SAT and GRE alike and is excited to help the next generation of students achieve their goal scores. While not at work, Nathaniel enjoys both playing and watching soccer, getting engrossed in board games and books alike, and learning academic trivia as a part of his ongoing obsession with the activity known as Quizbowl.

Sasha Stankovic

Community Relations and Project Manager

Sasha has devoted herself to advocating for youth and building relationships with communities to promote educational opportunities. Sasha has lived in Pittsburgh her entire life, staying close to home for college. She has a B.S. in Business from the Pennsylvania State University, specializing in Management and Marketing.

Before joining the Pittsburgh Prep team, Sasha worked as Lead Case Manager at a nonprofit organization in Pittsburgh, managing and supporting youth with college and career opportunities. Additionally, Sasha worked at UPMC, coordinating and managing
transformational integration projects. Sasha prides herself on her commitment to building relationships with youth and communities, providing reliable support to ensure student success.

In her free time, Sasha enjoys being absorbed in books, watching The Office, gardening in the sunshine, and most importantly spending time with her family and many pets.

Sarah Guest

Essay Coach

Sarah is a Pittsburgh native. She has traveled and lived all over the world, but she found herself at home back in the ‘burgh.

Sarah received her B.A in Creative Writing from the University of Pittsburgh. She has published short stories in several anthologies, and she is always working on the next draft of one novel or another. Sarah loves to help others hone their writing skills, and she spent four years as an editor for Amazon Publishing. She believes that curiosity and close attention are our best tools to enrich our stories, written and lived.

Sarah also taught English in rural Japan for several years. As part of a flagship English program in Miyagi Prefecture elementary schools, she worked alongside local teachers to develop a new curriculum. On her return to the US, she attended Duke University, receiving her M.A. in Japanese history. Her research brought her back to Japan for a summer, and she still visits whenever she can.

The results might be academic, but Sarah’s motivations are usually pure nerdery. She studies Japanese so she can watch anime and read manga. Her favorite use of storytelling skills is to create D&D adventures for her friends. She writes her historical knowledge into fantasy novels. She thinks there is fun to be had in all learning.

When she isn’t teaching and doesn’t have her nose in a book, you can find Sarah exploring the woods – on foot or on horseback. Sarah loves horses, and her proudest accomplishment is raising and training a Clydesdale mare.

Sarah tutors students in English, writing, reading comprehension, history, and Japanese.

Christine Dowling


Christine an upper elementary teacher with a passion for nurturing creative and critical thinkers. She has over 10 years experience as an educator and is passionate about developing a dynamic, research-based curriculum that keeps students curiously engaged through play and discovery.

Over her career, she has specialized in academically gifted and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) education with upper elementary and middle school age students. She guides students in the use of technology as a tool to creatively express themselves and develop critical thinking skills. In addition to technology, Christine helps students develop skills and confidence in the arts, entrepreneurship, building, communication, and collaboration!

Christine has been instrumental in developing Pittsburgh Prep’s summer Junior programs. In these programs, Christine has integrated experiential learning, arts, and technology into thematic STEAM-based programs. She is also available for enrichment or remediation private tutoring.

Christine holds a degree in Elementary Education from Florida Gulf Coast University and additionally holds certifications in Academically and Intellectually Gifted Children from Queens University, as well as Educating Global Citizens and Curriculum Differentiation from Harvard University and is a Certified Mentor Teacher.

When she is not teaching, Christine enjoys cooking, sailing, practicing yoga, and traveling. She’s explored all over the East Coast – hailing originally from South Florida, but lived in Charlotte, North Carolina and Boston, Massachusetts. She now calls Pittsburgh home and is enjoying exploring the city!

Sherry Amaya


Sherry has spent most of her life living in various parts of Pennsylvania, enjoying Pittsburgh most of all!  After earning her BS in mathematics from Millersville University, she traveled to Pittsburgh for the first time, earning a MS at the University of Pittsburgh.  For both degree programs, Sherry focused her studies on applied mathematics, which allowed her to learn more about and model all kinds of neat biological phenomena, including cardiac arrhythmias, protein structures, and inflammation.  

After graduating from PITT, Sherry decided to pursue a career in math education, attending Slippery Rock University and earning an M.Ed.  She taught math in Maryland for four years and then returned to Pittsburgh.  Sherry has been teaching in Pittsburgh ever since.  Her favorite thing about being a math teacher and tutor is sharing the beauty and powerful utility of math with her students, as well as helping them to overcome any anxiety they associate with the subject.

In her free time, Sherry likes to sew, knit, and browse Pinterest for more ideas for her next crafting project.  Sherry also enjoys hiking, yoga, and reading.   She lives with her cat (who enjoys pushing pens, pencils, etc. off of Sherry’s work desk and sleeping for most of the day.)

Terri Koprivnikar

College Admissions Consultant

Terri has spent all of her life in suburbs near Pittsburgh. After earning her BA in Psychology and Criminal Justice, she worked for several years in the court system as a probation officer. After returning to IUP to complete her M.Ed., she began working in the public school system. Her experiences have taken her from a Pittsburgh Public School to three very different local public high schools. All of these experiences have enabled her to work with a diverse array of students, each pursuing a unique post high school path.

Terri enjoys all aspects of her job at a high school, and sponsors several clubs and activities. Also an avid sports fan, Terri has been involved in hockey for as long as she can remember, and has stayed involved in high school hockey as a PIHL Game Coordinator.

In her free time, Terri enjoys spending time with her immediate family, which consists of her husband of 25 years and two sons in their 20’s and her extended family that is too large to describe. She is also the very proud mom of a spoiled two year old Gerberian Shepsky named Ovi who she rescued during the pandemic.

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Vincent Valenzuela

College Admissions Consultant

Vince has spent his entire professional life in the world of admissions. First as a campus tour guide and admission counselor for his alma mater, Monmouth University (NJ), to four years as the southern regional representative for Villanova University. While on the Main Line, Vince was the liaison for the highly competitive seven-year BS/MD program with Drexel and the accelerated seven-year DMD program with the University of Pennsylvania.

In 2002, Vince transitioned from college admissions to managing the enrollment of three independent schools: Rutgers Preparatory School (Somerset, NJ), Chestnut Hill Academy (Philadelphia, PA) and Sierra Canyon School (Los Angeles, CA). Since 2013, Vince has been an independent college counselor as the founder of CW- Princeton LLC near his hometown of West Windsor, NJ. Vince has had the pleasure of visiting 85 college campuses throughout the United States. He has also been a guest speaker at Fortune 500 companies like Dow Chemical, Novo Nordisk, and Pfizer.

In his free time, he and his wife (of 21 years) Colleen, spend time on the tennis courts and at the beach- Sea Isle City, NJ- with their three children. Vince is grateful to be joining and learning from his new colleagues at Pittsburgh Prep.

Genevra Hsu

Essay Coach

Genevra Hsu taught herself to read at three years old, and she has had loud opinions about the written word ever since. Her first piece of writing was in crayon and for her family’s eyes only; her latest pieces have about seventy-five thousand readers online. She has edited essays for prospective college students, grant applications for PhDs, ten years’ worth of papers and lectures for a team of Japanese researchers, poetry for anthologies, and hundreds of pieces of fiction for people across a very broad spectrum of experience. There’s little that she finds as enjoyable as polishing a piece of writing to a high shine, whether the writer is a professional or a newcomer to the English language.

Born in California, reared in Arizona, and a resident of England before she spent thirteen years in Pittsburgh, now Genevra lives in a 140-year-old house in Virginia with her husband and a pair of loving cats. When she’s not editing, judging writing contests, reading submissions for an award-winning magazine or reading for her own enjoyment, you can find her in the garden (as she is a certified Master Gardener), in the dojo (coaching a college kendo team), or in the kitchen (inventing new kinds of cupcakes).

Felicia DeRosa

Collegiate Art and Portfolio Advisor

Felicia is our resident and highly accomplished artist, instructor and art portfolio advisor. She holds a BFA in illustration and publication as well as an MFA in studio art, professional practices and art education. She has deep experience guiding students in their portfolio development and advising students in their careers in every art-related field as part of our college admissions team. Her expertise includes following:

  • College programming expertise from State Universities to private 4-year colleges to find best fit for students
  • Career and major exploration in all art-related fields
  • Drawing fundamentals: perspective, composition, golden section/geometry, figurative, and abstract
  • Traditional and digital acuity regarding “tools,” styles and techniques such a Adobe creative suite
  • Community enrichment projects: murals and public art
  • Human Anatomy and functions
  • Color theory, color design, color application
  • Critical theory
  • Visual literacy/communication
  • Painting, Sculpture, Illustration, Graphic design, Sequential art
  • Multimedia installations (concepts, and practicum)
  • Curatorial and project development and implementation
  • Creative writing
  • Professional and studio practices

Russell Grant

Russell spent his life close to home in Pittsburgh up through his college years, during which he earned his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Carnegie Mellon University while developing an interest in academic tutoring. Upon graduation, he broadened his horizons and moved to China to pursue his newfound passion of teaching and worked in foreign language schools as a chemistry teacher and part-time tutor. He returned to the United States eventually to earn his master’s degree in science education at Harvard University. He has taught just about every science course available at the high school level at one point or another and currently teaches organic chemistry. Having spent much time preparing for standardized exams independently, he now enjoys helping others to achieve high levels of success as a tutor for Pittsburgh Prep. When he is not teaching, he can be found playing with his two young daughters, raising them to share in his interests of video games and superheroes, while also readily giving in to their wishes of playing with dolls and dancing. He hopes that he will one day be able to convince his daughters to join him in one of his favorite pastimes – watching videos about math and science on YouTube – but he’s not holding his breath on this one!

Michael Aguilar

Essay Coach

Michael grew up all across the Southeastern United States before earning an undergraduate degree from the University of South Carolina in English Language and Literature. He followed that with a graduate degree in the field of teaching from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, LA in 2011. 

A true expert in all things English, he spent the next 8 years teaching at every level of high school in Baton Rouge. Teaching all four grades of high school as well as AP Literature and Composition and developing and teaching his school’s AP Language and Composition curriculum. In 2018 he moved to stay at home with his children full time and joins Pittsburgh Prep to continue to assist young people with their educational goals while maintaining the schedule that full time fathering requires!

Outside of the educational field Michael loves to read, play beach volleyball, do any kind of physical exercise, enjoy the natural beauty that his current residence of Salt Lake City, UT provides, and spend time with his family. He owes all of his success in life to his brilliant and loving wife, Kendall. 

Dana Hardy-Bingham


Dana is a passionate actor, director, and educator raised on Bainbridge Island but a lover of Pittsburgh for the last seventeen years. Dana started her early career pursuing professional acting after graduating from Lewis and Clark College. She spent much of her 20’s doing theater in Seattle and Chicago, joining Actor’s Equity Association, as well as SAG/AFTRA. She then went on to the University of Iowa where she earned an MFA in Acting and a 3-year Arts fellowship.

Dana has built an extensive teaching career earned through university-level, high school, middle school and elementary level positions in English, Drama, Public Speaking, Interview Techniques, Speech and Debate, and Mock Trial. For the last ten years, Dana was the Drama Director at Shady Side Academy where she taught many classes in the English department, including a Public Speaking course that she developed, which often had a waitlist for admittance. Dana also built an incredible theater program at SSA including taking students to perform internationally at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2016 and 2018, and built a Playwriting program and Original Works Theater Festival.

A few of Dana’s professional Pittsburgh stage credits include: Regan in King Lear, Yelana in Collaborators, and Jane Eyre in After Mrs. Rochester (Quantum), Deborah in the world premiere of Umbrella Man / Daisy in Amy Hartman’s world premiere of The Chicken Snake (The Rep), Tessa in 800 Words / Denise in Risk Everything / Linda Rotunda in Savage in Limbo (Caravan Theater), and Hester Prynne in The Scarlet Letter (Open Stage).

Corey Schultz


Corey grew up in northern NJ and is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in both history and neuroscience at the University of Pittsburgh. Through Pitt’s Honors College, Corey is a candidate for the Bachelor of Philosophy (BPhil) degree, with a thesis focusing on the history of community health organizations in Pittsburgh.

He has extensive experience using the knowledge that he learns in the classroom and applying it to the real world.
In high school, Corey was a tutor for math and science classes while also working for an education company to develop AP Chemistry curriculum. He really enjoys making personal connections with his students and working with them to improve not only their subject knowledge, but also their studying and test-taking skills!

In his spare time, Corey is a volunteer at UPMC Children’s Hospital, where he works in the transplant unit to bring activities and games to the kids in the hospital. He also enjoys playing video games, watching sports, and trying all the different restaurants around Pittsburgh!

Victoria Chuah


Victoria grew up outside of Washington DC, and is currently pursuing her master’s degree at the University of Pittsburgh for computer science (where she also received her undergraduate degree in computer science).

Victoria has taught computer science and test prep to students of all of ages. She received a perfect score on her SAT math, and has also been recognized as a National AP Scholar with Distinction. She is currently a teaching assistant at the University of Pittsburgh and loves to watch her students learn and grow!

When she is not working with students, Victoria loves to dance and make people laugh. She has been dancing ballet her entire life and is a member of the Pitt Ballet Club and Pitt Dance Ensemble. Victoria is also a member of the University of Pittsburgh’s improv comedy club as well as the host of Pitt Tonight, the school’s best (and only) late night show! She also serves as an elected board member for Pitt’s student government board.

Atharv Bhave


Atharv grew up in Pittsburgh, attending Canon-McMillan high school. He is currently a second-year student at Penn State, studying Pre-medicine as part of the 7-year guaranteed BS/MD program. 

An alum of Pittsburgh Prep’s SAT intensive course, he achieved perfect scores on the SAT’s math section and on all sections of the ACT. Atharv has also served as a Learning Assistant for collegiate organic chemistry, and enjoys helping students get the results they wish to see.

In his leisure time, he can be found watching sports, learning trivia, or convincing himself to work out.

Atharva Barve


Atharva is originally from Chicago but has lived in Bangalore, India for five years, and Pittsburgh for the last six years. He is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Global and Public Health on a pre-med track with a minor in Business at Cornell University.

Eager to apply classroom knowledge to the real-world, Atharva has worked on a clinical and basic research project on Diabetes and Irritable Bowel Syndrome respectively. In high school, as a captain of the Speech and Debate team, he taught and coached students on speaking and debating skills. Atharva loves making new friends and learning new skills from his peers, colleagues, and students.

When Atharva is not working, you can find him dancing Bhangra for the Cornell Bhangra Team, solving Rubik’s Cubes, playing Chess, or trying different restaurants and cuisines in Pittsburgh or Ithaca.

Anuj Lele


Anuj grew up just outside Pittsburgh and has always called it home. He is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh.

Throughout his academic career, he has prided himself on excellence, earning numerous 5’s in his AP exams, a high SAT score, and the impressive title of National Merit Scholar. During these years, Anuj developed a love for explaining, connecting, and teaching – strengths that he brings to Pittsburgh Prep. He enjoys all things STEM, but his forte is mathematics where he develops a connection with the student to explain and develop confidence in the subject. His favorite thing about tutoring is the opportunity to explain a topic in a way that a student has never experienced before.

When not with his students, you can find Anuj volunteering at the Carnegie Science Center, spending time with friends, playing basketball, enjoying Pittsburgh’s great food options, or cheering on his Steelers or Panthers!

Brittany Pack

College Admissions Consultant
Community Relations Director

Brittany is our Community Relations Director and College Admissions Consultant, specifically leading our Trailblazer Program. Self-nicknamed our “Best Friend Maker”, Brittany’s passion is connecting people, building relationships, and deepening communities. Her favorite thing is to help guide teenagers to reach their absolute best potential. 

Prior to joining Pittsburgh Prep, Brittany enjoyed an 11-year career in education, most recently serving as a teacher, advisor, coach, dorm advisor, and Director of Student Activities at Shady Side Academy’s Senior School over the last five years. She holds a BA in History and an MA in Education from the University of Michigan, and did her coursework in urban education. She has passionately pursued a career in  independent schools across Colorado, Michigan, North Carolina and the City of Champions: Pittsburgh, PA. She has also coached ski racing for the Grand Traverse Ski Club and Hidden Valley Race Club.

Outside of work, Brittany is either running, fly fishing, or skiing, and she occasionally does some breathtakingly mediocre art. She is also highly involved in her church and is obsessed with her big, loud, Michigander family.

Clare Donaher

Clare will finish her undergraduate degree in December at the University of Pittsburgh for Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Creative Writing. Every alternating semester, she works full time as a co-op engineer for Honeywell Inc., where she gets to apply her courses in a real-world environment. Clare has taken eight AP classes in high school, and loves both the creative and technical aspects of academia! She scored in the 99th percentile on her SAT and is enthusiastic about learning. She has worked as a teaching assistant at the University of Pittsburgh and loves to help others succeed. When Clare’s not in the classroom or the workplace, she loves to explore her creative pursuits. She is currently an executive member of Ruckus, Pitt’s improv comedy group, and served as a head writer of Pitt Tonight for three years. She loves to read, and is currently working on her first novel!

Kevin Oommen

Kevin grew up in Connecticut and is currently a fourth year medical student at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. For his undergraduate studies he attended Northwestern University and double majored in Economics in Geography where he received the Outstanding Senior in Geography Award for the state of Illinois. After getting a degree from Northwestern, Kevin worked as an Investment Banking analyst at J.P. Morgan in Chicago before deciding to switch career paths to pursue medicine. He attended the post-baccalaureate pre-medical program at Bryn Mawr College and subsequently matriculated to the University of Pittsburgh for medical school. He received a 99th percentile on the SAT with a perfect score in both the Math and (now defunct) Writing section. Additionally he took 10 AP classes and was granted the National AP Scholar Award by the College Board. Kevin enjoys teaching about study strategies to make effective use of resources, technology, and time to learn material in an effective an efficient manner. He hopes to share his passion for learning with each of his students, regardless of the subject matter.When outside of the hospital and not teaching, Kevin enjoys planning elaborate brunches, learning about artificial intelligence, going on road trips, and perfecting the Neapolitan pizza.