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Why Choose Pittsburgh Prep ?

Proven Results

We are an outcome-driven organization. Our students find their perfect fit colleges , achieve honor roll in school, and improve 190 SAT points as a direct outcome of our programs.

Expert Staff

All of our staff possess advanced degrees, 99th percentile in all standardized exams we teach, with a combined 60+ years of experience in their areas of specialty.

Dynamic Approach

Every college counseling student receives a unique college plan, each tutoring student a customized academic curriculum , and all course enrollees a powerful mix of effective pedagogy.

Our personalized college admissions consulting provides structure, support and expertise to help students stay on track, lower stress, seek financial aid, find best fit colleges where they can thrive on campus and in their career.

Our innovative curriculum is created in-house by our expert instructors, constantly improving year-over-year to maximize student outcomes in all subjects using powerful data analytics, for all AP- and STEM subjects.

  • For over a decade, our graduates have posted an average of 190 point improvement on their actual SAT exams (Or 4+ pts. on ACTs)

  • Based on our internal surveys, our students' confidence levels jump from a 2.2 to a 4.3 (out of 5), reducing overall testing anxiety

  • As the oldest independent after-school education organization in the region, we are recommended by a whopping 98% of our graduates to friends & family

Our Programs

We have a vast array of programs in just about every subject area to help you achieve your goals.
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College Admissions Consulting

Our dedicated team of college consultants provide personalized support throughout the entire college admission journey.

Academic Tutoring
(All Subjects)

We go above and beyond to mentor students to develop ownership, confidence, mastery of concept, and success in every subject.

Test Prep
(All Levels)

From SSAT to ACT to MCATs, Pittsburgh Prep's expert instructors have helped students achieve their absolute best every year.
We have a vast array of programs in just about every subject area to help you achieve your goals.
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What Our Students And Parents Have To Say

I thought I'd let you know that I got into 4 medical programs and several other undergrads with half rides! I ultimately decided on Purchase/Upstate's BS/MD program, as they provided me academic scholarship and a global scholars study abroad scholarship. Lots of this credit goes to you, Josh and Valeria for helping me prep for my exams! Thank you so much for everything!!!
Mira B
We are pleased with Louise's results. She scored a 1200 on her June SAT with a 610 in reading and a 590 in math. This represents a 100 point gain in her math, compared to the PSAT in 11th grade, and we know that is a result of your help and Josh's. This gain also balanced out her scores .... so we are feeling optimistic about her being accepted. Additionally, her three essay scores will distinguish her. They were a 7, 6, and 7 based on an 8 point scale.
Lisa and Whitney
Sawyer will be in his junior year at Georgia Tech studying mechanical engineering in the fall. Mason will be starting the mechanical engineering PhD program at CMU this fall. He had competing offers from Georgia Tech, Cornell, and the University of Washington at Seattle. A lot of their success can be attributed to Pittsburgh Prep !!! (the boys have saved a combined $80,000 in scholarship money due to Pittsburgh Prep) Thanks very much.
Tom Z
Just wanted to thank you again for coaching Abheet. Abheet committed to University of South Carolina. Thanks for helping us. Take care.
Archana (Mom)
When Zain was in 8th grade he had taken a SAT prep course at Pittsburgh prep and you were his coach. Zain is done with his SAT exams (score of 2370: 780 CR, 800 Math & 790 Writing). Thanks for your help in preparing him.
Asma N
I wanted to let you know that I got accepted and committed to University of Michigan. So thanks for your help! Couldn't have done it without you.
Rishi B
Pittsburgh Prep was so much more than an SAT Prep program for me. The most valuable thing I got from taking their program wasn’t just a 410-point score increase; the critical thinking and test-taking prowess I gained from their course are skills that I wouldn’t be able to thrive without in college. Taking their summer intensive course was one of the most lasting aspects of my high school education. I highly encourage anyone I meet to take one of their courses!
Nic J
Pittsburgh Prep's intensive program was customized to the specific needs of our daughter. We appreciated the personalized approach that boosted her confidence and skills leading to a 120 point gain. As a result, she will be a highly admissible candidate to her first choice school.
Lisa H
A. did extremely well on her last SSAT test; the extra tutoring sessions really helped her in the areas she struggled with in her first test; she was also accepted to Kent Boarding school for the coming school year. Thank you again for all the assistance and advice you both offered.
Alicia S
I highly recommend Pittsburgh Prep for students looking to improve SAT scores. My daughter’s SAT scores went up by 250 points moving her from the bottom 40% to the top 40% of students taking the SAT and substantially improving the odds of getting into her college of choice; it was also a tremendous boost to her self-esteem. The kids in the class bonded and studied together which was a positive motivating factor for my daughter. Josh and Hoon have a solid methodology that helps students move the bar on their test results. Thanks for working with Danielle.
Dan E
I owe so much of my standardized test success to Pittsburgh Prep. The summer intensive course and private tutoring enabled me to bring up my scores by over 500 points on the 2400 scale. The course was rigorous, but Hoon and Josh were always there to help whenever I had questions about the material or just wanted to talk about testing strategy. All of the tutors are so passionate about the material and invested in each student’s success. I recommend Pittsburgh Prep’s classes to all my friends who are looking to improve their scores because it is truly effective.
Jennifer J

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