Private Tutoring in all Subjects

Premier 1-on-1 Private Tutoring
for all academic, AP-level, and standardized exam needs.

Private Tutoring Packages:

  • ACE Package: For $345/month, students have access to one 50 min. lesson every other week in any one subject per student

  • PRO Package: For $645/month, students have access to one 50 min. lesson a week in any one subject per student

  • ELITE Package: For $905/month, students have access to 1.5x 50 min. lessons a week in up to two subjects per student

  • IVY Package: For $1115/month, students have access to two 50 min. lessons a week in up to three subjects per student

  • Families can also enroll in ad hoc tutoring at our normal hourly private tutoring rate of $179/hour

Additional Benefits of Private Tutoring:

  • Siblings receive a 10% discount

  • Includes complementary initial diagnostic test, assessment, and recommended study plan, plus 30 min. zoom consultation

  • Families are free to cancel after the first month without obligation, and all payments will be deducted via auto-pay monthly

  • Students can utilize the time for any of the following:
    Private Tutoring in Math, Science, English, and History (For all grade levels, including AP- and IB- level courses) - SAT, PSAT, or ACT - College Entrance Exam Test Prep - SSAT and ISEE - Independent School Prep - GMAT, GRE, LSAT, and MCAT - Graduate Exam Prep

Pittsburgh Prep 1-on-1 Private Tutoring Overview

All private tutoring registrants will have access to the following:

Pittsburgh Prep's Online Student Learning Portal

Our personally-developed portal includes over 1000 practice questions, as well as pre-recorded video lessons for self-study and reinforcement of all topics.

Unlimited Practice Exams

Additionally, just about every Saturday morning, students will have the opportunity to join live, online-proctored practice tests.

Unlimited Dedicated Exam Review

Offering the only class of its kind in the industry, Pittsburgh Prep is the first and only school to offer dedicated exam review sessions on Sunday afternoons.

Dedicated Expert Instructor and Mentor

Every single one of our incredible instructors go beyond simply teaching for content. We provide guidance and tutelage in academic mastery, organization, testing anxiety, communication, and other non-tangibles that are important in the building blocks of a successful student.
In fact, all of our instructors have 99th percentile scores in every exam they teach.

Real-time Progress Reports

After every session, families receive a detailed progress report that includes the topics covered, insightful observations, and homework assigned.

Total Flexibility

Cancel, suspend or change instructors at any time. Students who are busy or need a break from tutoring can cancel or halt at any time until they are ready to return. Additionally, we understand that some instructors may not be the right "fit," so we will do our best to pair your student with another upon request. No questions asked.

Pittsburgh Prep Swag

Official Merch! A super-comfy T-shirt, bumper sticker and face-mask are included with signup.

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What Our Students And Parents Have To Say

Take a look at the results that we helped our students achieve.

Go farther with Test Prep:
I thought I'd let you know that I got into 4 medical programs and several other undergrads with half rides! I ultimately decided on Purchase/Upstate's BS/MD program, as they provided me academic scholarship and a global scholars study abroad scholarship. Lots of this credit goes to you, Josh and Valeria for helping me prep for my exams! Thank you so much for everything!!!
Mira Bhatia
A Family Legacy
I hope that Lila gets as much out of the class as Sawyer and Mason did. Sawyer will be in his junior year at Georgia Tech studying mechanical engineering in the fall. Mason will be starting the mechanical engineering PhD program at CMU this fall. He had competing offers from Georgia Tech, Cornell, and the University of Washington at Seattle. A lot of their success can be attributed to Pittsburgh Prep!!! Thanks very much.
Tom Zadan
Proud Parents
Just wanted to thank you again for coaching Abheet. Abheet committed to University of South Carolina. Thanks for helping us. Take care.
Archana (Mom)
Accomplished Students
I wanted to let you know that I got accepted and committed to University of Michigan. So thanks for your help! Couldn't have done it without you.
Rishi Bahri
Rigor Matters
I owe so much of my standardized test success to Pittsburgh Prep. The summer intensive course and private tutoring enabled me to bring up my scores by over 500 points on the 2400 scale. The course was rigorous, but Hoon and Josh were always there to help whenever I had questions about the material or just wanted to talk about testing strategy. All of the tutors are so passionate about the material and invested in each student’s success. I recommend Pittsburgh Prep’s classes to all my friends who are looking to improve their scores because it is truly effective.
Jennifer J
More than Test Prep
Pittsburgh Prep was so much more than an SAT Prep program for me. The most valuable thing I got from taking their program wasn’t just a 410-point score increase; the critical thinking and test-taking prowess I gained from their course are skills that I wouldn’t be able to thrive without in college. Taking their summer intensive course was one of the most lasting aspects of my high school education. I highly encourage anyone I meet to take one of their courses!
Nic J