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Mental Health in the Time of College and Covid

Over the last decade, I have seen a tremendous number of students who have faced depression, anxiety and other mental health trauma in college-bound students. In fact, this rate has nearly doubled since 2011…

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5 Essential Relationships to Develop this Year

Relationship-building is a skill we will use in almost every aspect and time of our lives. With the ever-increasing importance of building professional and personal networks, studies on the significance of building trust in every industry, and the value of having deep and meaningful relationships to your life, it’s never too early (or too late) to begin cultivating strong, positive relationships with the people around you, especially as you return to in-person learning.

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Crafting an Authentic and Powerful College Essay

Most students have what it takes to succeed in college–we know that you do–but it’s hard to showcase these qualities in an essay. That’s why we’ve broken the essay process down into three main steps, with the following exercises to help you create your best essay.

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