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Comprehensive College Counseling
  • Gain an overview of the admissions landscape to understand the importance of strategic, thoughtful planning before you apply.

  • Build a solid college list rooted in realistic admission chances that will ensure you’re happy and enroll at your best fit.

  • Personalized counseling that starts with self-reflection and creates a unique plan based on data and your personal ambitions.

  • Dedicated support for editing and crafting your college essays, so that your authentic voice is shared.

Our Commitment to Value and Excellence

Working with our dedicated counselors offers plentiful benefits to your family, including:

  • More personalized counseling throughout the entire college search journey

  • A trusted guide to issue reminders for deadlines and document submission

  • Impartial advice from a seasoned college admission officer

  • Early financial aid support to avoid sticker shock later on in the process

As we launch these new services, we’re proud to offer three age-based service packages: one for First Year and Sophomores, one for Juniors, and one for Seniors. Depending on the package chosen, you’ll receive a block of hours to be used for one-on-one meetings, essay revisions, application reviews, and college list recommendations. Additionally, email support is available until service hours are exhausted.

Ready To Start?

To get started, please inquire for one of the packages below. After you sign up, you'll receive an email to book a thirty minute Free Consultation along with a New Student and Parent Intake Form for you to complete in advance. Please plan to spend about thirty minutes filling out your intake forms and submit them two days before your appointment.

Jumpstart Package

Class of 2024 and Younger
First Years and Sophomores enrolled in the Jumpstart Package receive:
  • Extracurricular Planning

  • Summer program selection

  • Forward-focused high school curriculum development

  • Financial Planning Consultation

  • Early Start Journal mentoring sessions

  • Capstone Report with recommendations for the future and final Parent Meeting

  • One-on-One sessions with a College Counselor with Parent Progress Reports delivered after each session

Launchpad Package

Class of 2023
Juniors enrolled in the Launchpad Package receive:
  • Course Review and Tutoring Suggestions

  • Test Planning and Recommendations

  • Activity Review and Summer Planning

  • Affordability Planning and Financial Aid Overview

  • College Research and List Development

  • Financial Planning Consultation

  • One-on One-sessions with a College Admissions Counselor

Liftoff Package

Class of 2022
Seniors enrolled in the Liftoff Package receive:
  • College List Review and Development

  • Application Review and Submission Support for Six Colleges

  • Essay Coaching

  • Financial Planning Consultation

  • Financial aid support and affordability planning

  • Financial Aid Appeal Development

  • One-on-One sessions with a College Admissions Counselor

Our College Counselors

Robert Park

College Counselor + Essay Specialist

*IECA + NACAC Membership pending

Sunghoon Kim

College Counselor + Instructor

Pittsburgh Prep and staff abide by IECA’s Principles of Good Practice and NACAC’s Code of Ethics and Professional Practices

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Colleges Visited

Our college counselors routinely visit colleges either virtually or in-person to continue to expand their knowledge of the full diversity of higher education options for our clients. This list is updated in real-time as a member of our team visits a new campus.

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