Receiving a deferral letter from a college can be disheartening, but it’s essential to remember that it’s not the end of the road. Many students successfully turn a deferral into an acceptance by writing a Letter of Continued Interest (LOCI). This document serves as a platform to express your continued interest in the college, update the admissions committee on your achievements, and reaffirm your commitment to contributing to the campus community. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the essential steps to craft a compelling LOCI.

Understand the Purpose of the Letter

A Letter of Continued Interest is an opportunity for you to communicate with the admissions committee and advocate for your candidacy. It’s not a platform for complaints or desperation; rather, it’s a chance to showcase your ongoing dedication to the college.

Express Gratitude

Start your letter by expressing genuine gratitude for the opportunity to be considered for admission. Acknowledge the competitive nature of the admissions process and convey your appreciation for the committee’s time and effort.

Reiterate Your Strong Interest in the College

Clearly state that the college remains your top choice and that you are enthusiastic about the prospect of attending. Share specific aspects of the college that resonate with you, whether it’s academic programs, extracurricular opportunities, or the campus culture.

Update the Admissions Committee

Highlight any significant achievements or developments since you submitted your initial application. This could include improved grades, new awards, leadership roles, or noteworthy accomplishments in your extracurricular activities. Demonstrate growth and emphasize how these achievements align with the college’s values.

Share Additional Information

If there are specific reasons why this college is the perfect fit for you, reiterate them. Maybe you’ve visited the campus again, attended an informational session, or connected with current students or alumni. Personalize your letter to demonstrate that your interest is based on more than just a desire for admission.

Discuss Your Continued Commitment

Reaffirm your commitment to contributing positively to the college community. Share your plans for involvement in clubs, organizations, or initiatives that align with your interests and the college’s values. Admissions committees appreciate students who not only seek to benefit from the college experience but also contribute to its vibrancy. If the college is and remains your #1 choice, say so in the LOCI.

Polish Your Writing

Pay attention to the tone, structure, and grammar of your letter. Keep it formal, respectful, and well-organized. Remember that this is a professional communication with an institution, so it should reflect your best writing skills. Have a professional review your letter prior to submission.

Keep it Concise

While you want to convey important information, avoid overwhelming the admissions committee with a lengthy letter. Aim for a concise, one-page document that communicates your key points effectively.

Submit Your LOCI Promptly and Correctly

Send your Letter of Continued Interest promptly after receiving the deferral notice. Admissions committees appreciate proactive and timely communication. It’s important to note that due to the massive influx of applicants submitting the LOCI, many colleges will specific exactly HOW and WHERE to submit the LOCI. This may be through the student portal, with a specific word limit of 250 words. Check with your college to understand proper submission procedures.


Crafting a Letter of Continued Interest requires a thoughtful and strategic approach. By expressing gratitude, providing updates, and reaffirming your commitment to the college, you increase your chances of turning a deferral into an acceptance. Remember to be genuine, specific, and concise in your communication, and best of luck with your continued journey toward college admission!

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