Pittsburgh Prep Terms & Conditions

  1. I hereby agree that we are enrolling at PITTSBURGH PREP to increase standardized exam scores, academic GPA, improve personal statements, gain a better understanding of the college admissions process, and/or for the general pursuit of academic excellence.
  2. I agree that I am not an agent of any other test prep company or an employee of any other test prep company.
  3. I agree to make full payment or installment plans prior to class start at the time of registration, with a non-refundable $200 as part of the tuition. Pittsburgh Prep does not turn away students solely for financial reasons.
  4. I agree to provide my credit card information to PITTSBURGH PREP, in safe keeping, in case any late cancellation fees need to be charged.
  5. I agree to notify PITTSBURGH PREP’s admin in case of any cancellation or rescheduling need. I understand that a schedule change by PITTSBURGH PREP does not entitle me to a refund so long as I was given 24 hours of notice.
  6. I understand that personal schedule changes may occur therefore I will provide a 24-hour notice of cancellation/rescheduling of any private tutoring session, or risk forfeiture of exactly 1 hour of tuition for that session, to be charged immediately on the credit card provided to PITTSBURGH PREP.
  7. I agree that PITTSBURGH PREP has the right to withdraw my participation from any of its courses at any time with a prorated refund of the fully paid tuition.
  8. I agree to acknowledge all PITTSBURGH PREP materials given to me as valuable proprietary assets, and that they should be treated as such. Many of our instructors have put forth incredible efforts to create the curriculum and are a source of our pride and livelihood.
  9. With regards to PITTSBURGH PREP’s proprietary materials, I agree to not sell, loan, rent, give away, distribute, advertise for sale, copy, exploit, upload or download in any medium whatsoever. I agree that in doing so, I will be subject to any and all legal actions as a result of my actions.
  10. I agree that all requests for private tutoring, classes, online help or inquiries must be done through the PITTSBURGH PREP headquarters and admin.
  11. I agree not to disrupt or engage in any activity in the classroom that is inconsiderate, illicit, or unethical by any means. We will reserve the right to expel the student with a prorated refund, minus the nonrefundable deposit.
  12. I agree not to solicit or engage in any activity that is in violation of the College Board, ETS, or ACT policies regarding the administration of their respective exams, including cheating, lying, stealing, or any other sins of test taking.
  13. I agree to pay a $50 fee for any bounced checks that were used to pay for tuition.
  14. I understand that an entire scheduled class may be subject to cancellation; I may then elect to receive a full refund of that particular class within 30 days, transfer to another class or location, or apply the tuition to any other services at PITTSBURGH PREP.
  15. I agree that all terms under this agreement will be governed by Pennsylvania law, and any litigation arising out of this agreement will be commenced in Allegheny County, Pittsburgh, PA, even if my residence is at another state or country.
  16. I understand the following regarding refunds:
    1. Refunds will be given only after tuition is paid in full.
    2. Once class begins, refunds will be given if the student returns all materials, all handouts, and all forms, at a prorated amount minus the nonrefundable deposit.
    3. Students may withdraw from the program at any time, without reason.
    4. Violation on any terms of this agreement will result in no refunds given. All violations may be subject to litigious action.
    5. Membership fees will not be refunded after the third day of the month.
  17. I understand that individual progress reports are not an indicator or projectors of future performance of the student’s SAT/ACT exam – progress reports are only to be understood as daily reports on how the student performed in class for that particular day only. No other inferences should be made nor implied.
  18. I understand that by signing this agreement, I am providing full parental and guardian permission for PITTSBURGH PREP to utilize any and all likenesses of my student in all forms of media for marketing purposes.
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