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College Counseling 1


For rising seniors: a POWERFUL 2-week bootcamp to complete all aspects of the college application from A to Z

  • Two Weeks, All The Apps: In a group cohort, walk through every step of the college application process during the two week intensive

  • Personal Brand + Narrative: Compose a powerful, authentic personal essay for the CommonApp

  • Supplement Essays: Write 3 of the most popular supplement essays to use for all colleges

  • Deadline Mapping: Stay on Task, Never Miss a Deadline

  • College Selection: Use powerful tools & resources to find, research, and determine the final list of colleges to apply

  • Full access to suite of college application software

  • Dates and times: August 8-12th, 15-19th @2-530pm

  • Tuition: $3,999 (payable in full or in 3 monthly $1041 installments with initial $999 deposit)

  • Seat limited to 12 enrollees only




Junior School

Arcade Game Design

Ms. Christine Dowling, STEM extraordinaire and experienced teacher, leads our Junior-level summer programming this year! In this exciting project-based course, your child will learn about simple machines, Scratch programming, and TinkerCAD, and  turn these newfound skills into engaging and fun games! Our young game designers will keep an “inventor’s notebook” to brainstorm and record your their work. Finally, the young designers will build communication skills by presenting and explaining game rules to participants in the final “Arcade” evening* where parents, siblings and friends will get to play all the games!  For Grades 3-5 in person. 

Instructor: Ms. Christine Dowling, BA
Date: 6/20/22-6/24/22
Time: 1pm-5pm

Cost: $699 (includes all materials)

*Final showcase will be in person at 124 S. Highland Ave. on 6/24th

Middle School

Mathematics in Art

Artists and mathematicians use the similar concepts in their work — including shapes, symmetry, proportion, and measurement! In this class, learn about the golden ratio that influenced Greek architecture, the prevalence of the Fibonacci Sequence in nature, and how optical illusions are constructed with math. Create art using tessellations, fractals, and other mathematical structures. Produce a masterpiece as a true “polymath,” and develop skills that use both sides of the brain!

Perfect for students who are Math-hesitant or for those looking to apply their Math knowledge in new and interesting ways. A great course for those entering high school, this STEAM course will help students develop mathematical ways of thinking about art and creative ways to think about math! 

Instructor: Ms. Sherry Amaya, MS, MEd, BS
Date: 7/18/22-7/29/22
Time: 12pm-2pm

Cost: $899 (includes all materials)

High School

Creative Writing and Publishing

Do you enjoy creative writing and want to strengthen your skills? Are you interested in becoming a published author? In Pittsburgh Prep’s Summer Intensive Creative Writing and Publishing Program, students will foster the habit of writing, learn how to craft compelling characters, use narratorial voice, imagery, and tone to develop a story’s theme, workshop and edit rough drafts into finished stories, and submit stories for publication. 

Published author and professional editor, Ms. Sarah Guest, will guide students from idea conception through submission to a literary magazine or anthology for publication.  This is an awesome resume builder for college applications. For Grades 9-12 in person.

Instructor: Ms. Sarah Guest
Date: 6/20/22-7/1/22
Time: 9am-1pm

Cost: $949 (includes: group class, structured writing time, and 4 individual 1-on-1 sessions)


Test Prep


Our Flagship SAT & ACT 50-Hour Intensive Course

  • Frequency: Intensive classes for two weeks, plus our entire suite of practice exams on weekends and live exam review sessions thereafter until exam day

  • Length of session: 4 hour sessions each day, Monday-Friday

  • Total sessions: 10 sessions plus over 25 previously released SAT or ACT exams and live expert instructor led exam review sessions

  • Total hours: 50 Live Classroom or Online Hours

  • Average score improvement: 190+ points (SAT) and 3+ points (ACT)

  • Legendary student support: Experience true, deep-level support every step of the way from Pittsburgh Prep

  • Tuition: $1899 (payable in 3 installments)


Class Name Location Diagnostic Exam Intensive Session Tuition


7/17 - 7/28/23
(2:30 - 6 pm)
Admission is closed! Thank you for your interest.


Class Name Location Diagnostic Exam Dates & Times Tuition


Shadyside Campus
124 S. Highland Ave
Pittsburgh PA 15206

North Hills

Class Name Location Diagnostic Exam Dates & Times Tuition


North Hills Campus
8301 Perry Highway
McKnight, PA 15237